Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your Luxury Car

Luxury cars make up to about 6% of the use in people’s lives and when you are traveling from one place to another, the luxury cars also have to be carried around. Since the number is small, extra priority needs to be given to these luxury cars the moment you are transporting it. There can be several mistakes while shipping such cars.

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Mistakes to avoid when shipping luxury cars

  • Choosing a company not having insurance coverage

Companies must be able to provide adequate insurance coverage to all its customers so that if the vehicle is damaged in between, they can get the correct compensation for it. But there are companies not providing with the insurance coverage and if you end up with any such company, don’t use it for shipping purposes.

You can request coverage by paying an additional fee or you can ask for the coverage from your insurance company also.

  • Not doing extensive research

There are many companies not providing the best of shipping experiences and you will fall into the trap if you don’t do the research needed for it.

If you are choosing a company without researching, you might end up choosing an untrustworthy company leading to your loss. Does thorough research, check on the reviews, and compare the prices and then take the decision.

  • Keeping of personal items in cars

While you might be carrying all your items in the car, but while shipping you should keep it all away. This process ends up making your life easier and if you lose anything, then the transport companies are not liable for the same.

If you pack your delicate items in the car, then pack them properly for preventing damage. Just keep the two front seats of the car open and keep the windows closed so that no one can take your items away.

  • Preparation not good

There are so many things you should do before shipping of your luxury car. First, you must do a detailed inspection of the carrier and then wash the car and remove all the debris. You must ensure that the car has enough gas for the journey and you can drive off easily without leaving any trail behind.

Examine the car’s battery, at last, to make sure that it is charged properly and keep them secured. You can consult with the car forums who give first-hand experiences about the journeys and most of these sites are free to sign up. It asks for your post after recommending the same from you.


Mistakes can be avoided if you are conscious while shipping and this way, you can save a lot of money.

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